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Doctor Who TARDIS Adult Collectors Watch

…Time Lord is the ability to keep track of, well, time. And this stylish, slim and tasteful analog watch is the perfect companion for any dapper Doctor Who fan. The strap matches the color of the iconic time machine's blue exterior while its famous police sign fills the face. The perfect time keeper…

Doctor Who Bad Wolf 10th Doctor T-Shirt

Black T-Shirt from Doctor Who with Tenth Doctor & TARDIS "Bad Wolf" design.

Doctor Who TARDIS Die-Cast Key Chain

Blue die-cast metal TARDIS with chain and key ring.

Doctor Who TARDIS Pen

Doctor Who pen with a detailed TARDIS topper.

Doctor Who The One Who Broke The Promise T-Shirt

Doctor Who T-shirt with John Hurt's incarnation of The Doctor and "The One Who Broke The Promise."

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Vinyl Figure

11th Doctor vinyl figure from Doctor Who. Hot Topic exclusive!

Doctor Who 10th Doctor Vinyl Figure

10th Doctor vinyl figure from Doctor Who. Hot Topic exclusive!

Doctor Who 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Blueprint Poster

Doctor Who 10th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver blueprint poster with diagram and Gallifreyan instructions.

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Comic Art Girls T-Shirt

Fitted black tee from Doctor Who with David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor comic art design.

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Cartoon Pin

Doctor Who pin with 11th Doctor cartoon design.

Doctor Who 10th Doctor Series Blind Box Vinyl Figure

…poseable arms and accessory! Which figure you get? 10th Doctor? Adipose? Bronze Dalek? It's a surprise! Hot Topic exclusive chase figure of the 10th Doctor from the 2-part farewell episode "The End of Time." Sorry, no choice.

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Raglan Girls Pullover

Black raglan sleeve crewneck pullover with Tenth Doctor sublimation design.

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Hobo Bag

Hobo style bag with Eleventh Doctor design. Snap button closure.

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

The Fourth Doctor's sonic screwdriver replica with sound effects!

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Geronimo Silhouette Girls T-Shirt

Fitted white tee with Eleventh Doctor silhouette design that reads "Geronimo."
$22.50 - $24.50

Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Pen

The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver ultraviolet light and pen. Features UV pen & UV Light (write and reveal hidden messages) and a slide-out sonic wave emitter with two sonic sound effects.

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Pocket Watch

Authentic replica functional pocket watch with light effects! Modeled after the Tenth Doctor's watch.

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Knee-High Socks

Fourth Doctor inspired knee-high socks.

Doctor Who Her Universe David Tennant Tenth Doctor Costume Dress

Dress with a Tenth Doctor costume design.
$34.50 - $38.50

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor's Hat

Prop replica of the hat worn by Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor.

Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor Girls T-Shirt

Fitted tee from Doctor Who with a Twelfth Doctor design.
$22.50 - $24.50

Doctor Who War Doctor Timey Wimey T-Shirt

Doctor Who T-shirt with a War Doctor "Timey Wimey?" design.
$20.50 - $24.50 

Doctor Who Ninth Doctor Costume Dress

Tank style dress from Doctor Who with a Ninth Doctor costume design.

Doctor Who I Am The Doctor Pin

Small pinback button from Doctor Who with an "I Am The Doctor" design.

Doctor Who The Day Of The Doctor Girls T-Shirt

Doctor Who 50th anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor" design fitted tee.
$22.50 - $24.50

Doctor Who The Other Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

The War Doctor's sonic screwdriver as seen in "The Day of the Doctor" 50th anniversary special! Includes light and sound effects.

Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

Faithful copy of the Doctor’s trusty Sonic Device with spring loaded extending action, electronic lights & sounds and removable power core!

Doctor Who I (Heart Heart) The Doctor Car Magnet

Flexible die-cut vinyl car magnet with "I (Heart Heart) The Doctor" design.

Doctor Who TARDIS Twelfth Doctor Pin

Small pinback button with "Twelfth Doctor" TARDIS design.

Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit Game

Are you a true Whovian? Now with Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit you can put your knowledge to the test with Doctor Who trivia spanning all 50 years of the iconic show. Test your knowledge of Time Lords, Monsters, Companions and more!

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Original TARDIS Monitor Mate

Celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who with this TARDIS monitor mate! Detailed mini bobble head of the Doctor's time machine.

Doctor Who TARDIS Top Trumps Collector's Tin

Celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who! With two great packs you can revisit your favorite stories, from An Unearthly Child to The Name of the Doctor via Genesis of the Daleks and Last of the Time Lords. Youcan also play the Eleven Doctors, their greatest companions and the scariest monsters and keep all 60…

Doctor Who TARDIS Necktie

Doctor Who themed necktie with a TARDIS design.

Doctor Who Silent Mask

Join the Silence in this Doctor Who inspired silent mask with elastic strap.

Doctor Who Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Rubber Bracelet

"Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey" red rubber bracelet from Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Whovian Rubber Bracelet

Doctor Who rubber bracelet with "Whovian" design.

Character Building Doctor Who Micro Blind Brix Figure

Blind-packed Doctor Who micro-figure housed in a Display Brix, containing one, random Character Building figure. Which one will you get? It's a surprise! Sorry, no choice.

Doctor Who Silent Hands

Join the Silence in these Doctor Who inspired silent hands with elastic wrist strap.

Doctor Who Villain Comic Seat Belt Belt

Buckle-Down brand seat belt belt with Doctor Who comic strip design and an authentic automotive style seat belt buckle.

Doctor Who Comic TARDIS Pin

Small pinback button with Doctor Who comic cover style design.

Doctor Who Bow Ties Are Cool Rubber Bracelet

Doctor Who rubber bracelet with a "Bow Ties Are Cool" tweed design.

Doctor Who TARDIS Bigger On The Inside Rubber Mat

Rubber mat from Doctor Who with a "Bigger on the inside" TARDIS design.

Doctor Who No-Show Socks 5 Pair

Five pairs of Doctor Who themed no-show socks.

Doctor Who TARDIS Print Crew Socks

Black Doctor Who themed crew socks with allover TARDIS print.

Doctor Who TARDIS Ceramic Toothbrush Holder

Officially licensed Doctor Who hand-painted ceramic toothbrush holder shaped like a TARDIS.

Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Rack

Officially licensed Doctor Who TARDIS shower rack.

Doctor Who TARDIS Sign Magnet

Full size magnetic TARDIS sign from Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Bad Wolf Pin

Doctor Who pin with "Bad Wolf" design.


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