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Yin-Yang Charm Tattoo Choker

Tattoo style stretch choker with metal & enamel yin-yang charm.

LOVEsick Compass Locket Necklace

Gold tone necklace with a compass designed locket.

Supernatural Castiel Wings Heart Locket Necklace

Burnished silver tone necklace from Supernatural with a Castiel wings heart locket pendant.

LOVEsick Star & Moon Cuff Earring

Hematite tone cuff earring with gem accented moon and stars detailing.

Ouija Board Reflective Ring

Hematite tone ring with iridescent reflective Ouija board design.

LOVEsick Moon And Back Necklace

Tiered necklace with moon and "I love you to the moon and back" disc pendants.

Alchemy Dragon Cuff Earring

Cuff earring with a dragon design.

LOVEsick Partners In Crime BFF Necklace 2 Pack

Two gold tone necklaces with a "Partners In Crime" heart pendant.

Disney Peter Pan Tink Layered Necklaces

A set of three burnished silver tone necklaces with Tink silhouette, "Believe" and glitter vial pendants.

LOVEsick Music Definition Necklace

Silver tone necklace with a circular pendant featuring the definition of music.

Heart Locket Necklace

Burnished gold tone necklace with a heart accented locket and functional watch.

Alchemy Black Rose Cuff Earring

Black cuff earring with a rose design, chain and red gem.

Music Feelings Necklace

Gold tone chain necklace with circular pendant that reads "Music is what feelings sound like."

Disney Beauty And The Beast Rose Glass Pendant

Gold tone chain necklace with rose under glass pendant.

LOVEsick Best Friends Forever Heart Puzzle Necklace Set

Three chain necklace set with burnished silver tone heart puzzle piece pendants.

Antique Bottle Necklace

Antique silver tone necklace with bottle pendant.

Supernatural Best Friends Necklace Set

Set of two Supernatural besties necklaces with pendants that read "Bitch" & "Jerk."

Disney Lilo & Stitch Burnished Silver Earrings

Post insertion earrings with burnished silver tone Stitch studs.

Black Veil Brides Logos Bracelet

BVB arm party - and you're invited!

Mean Girls Quotes Rubber Bracelet 4 Pack

Four pack of rubber bracelets with Mean Girls quote designs.

Pokemon Pikachu Necklace

Gold tone necklace with a Pikachu pendant.

Doctor Who TARDIS Jewelry Box

Jewelry box shaped like the TARDIS. Includes 7 drawers, 3 hooks, a ring hanger and a built-in mirror.

LOVEsick Moon & Star Midi Ring

Silver tone midi ring from LOVEsick with a moon & star design.

Black Butler Tetragrammaton Cord Bracelet

Black cord bracelet with Tetragrammaton design charm.

LOVEsick Owl Moon Earring 6 Pair

Six pairs of earrings with star, moon, owl and gem accents.

Marvel Thor Mjolnir Cord Necklace

Black cord necklace with Thor's mighty hammer pendant.

LOVEsick Arrow Ring

Ring with an arrows design.

Ouija Planchette Necklace

Necklace with a gold tone Ouija planchette pendant.

DC Comics Batman Tattoo Choker Set

Black & yellow tattoo style stretch choker set with metal & enamel Batman logo charm.

Skeleton Hands Necklace

Burnished silver tone necklace with large skeleton hands design.

LOVEsick Dandelion Locket Necklace

Silver tone necklace with a faceted dandelion design locket. Magnetic closure.

LOVEsick Steampunk Gun Necklace

Necklace with a mixed metal tone steampunk gun and holster pendant.

LOVEsick Claw Necklace

Burnished gold tone chain necklace with a claw holding an iridescent gem pendant.

LOVEsick Multi Earrings 9 Pair

9 pairs of post-insertion earrings from LOVEsick.

Attack On Titan Key Cord Necklace

Black cord necklace with an Attack On Titan key pendant.

Moon & Star Mood Cord Necklace

Your own energy will cause this mood pendant to change color, revealing your inner emotions. What color will you produce?

LOVEsick Anchor Cuff Earrings

Clear gem detailed anchor stud earrings with attached chain & cuff.

Adventure Time Character Earrings 6 Pair

Post insertion earrings with rubber Adventure Time character designs.

Disney The Little Mermaid Fork Shell Charm Necklace

Necklace with The Little Mermaid inspired charms including a fork and a shell.

Supernatural Jerk Bitch Wrap Ring

Wrap ring from Supernatural with "Jerk Bitch" text design.

LOVEsick Puzzle Piece Best Friend Necklace Set

Set of two necklaces with connecting puzzle piece pendants.

Rose Cuff Earring

Black cuff earring with red rose & black gem details.

DC Comics Batman Logo Watch

Wristwatch with black & gunmetal Batman-themed design, Japanese quartz movement and a black silicone & metal band.

LOVEsick Elephant Clock Long Necklace

Long burnished gold tone necklace from LOVEsick with a working clock elephant pendant design.

Supernatural Anti-Possession Symbol Necklace

Necklace from Supernatural with an anti-possession symbol pendant.

LOVEsick Cat Earrings 6 Pair

6 pairs of cat themed earrings from LOVEsick. Meow!

Disney Lilo & Stitch Ohana Flower Necklace

Necklace with a disc pendant that says "Ohana means family Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten" and a purple hibiscus charm.

Harry Potter 9 3/4 Disc Necklace

Gold tone chain necklace with a 9 3/4 disc pendant.


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